Apr 16, 2019



전세계 커피 문화와 산업 모두를 블랙워터이슈 스타일로 어우릅니다. '느낌있게'

 The “bird’s nest”: Years ago a barista (I think it was @worstofthewurst) showed me this technique and I was skeptical. Sometimes I’m a l little slow and stubborn (no comments necessary on that ) and all these years later it has become a standard part of my v60 method. 
What sold me on this method was the realization it decreases the number of bubbles that form during preinfusion. When you see fewer bubbles and/or when they stop forming earlier during preinfusion, it’s likely an indicator or a more successful/uniform preinfusion. 
This likely works better than a flat (dry) bed because it’s difficult to wet the grounds at the deepest part of a flat v60 bed. The bird’s nest makes the depth more similar throughout the bed. 
With or without the bird’s nest, I recommend spinning or stirring after prewetting. 
I don’t recommend the bird’s nest with a flat-bottom brewer (haha, finally something concrete that can be said about the difference between cone and flat-bed brewing )



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