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빅토리아 아두이노의 새로운 가정용 1그룹 - 테레시아 | Victoria Arduino - THERESIA

누오바 시모넬리의 T3 기술이 적용된 가정용 에스프레소 머신인 빅토리아 아두이노의 테레시아

The espresso machine Theresia, signed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, is a compact, sculptural object of geometric design. The espresso machine’s body is in Supermirror stainless steel and looks as though there is a diamond buried inside. A precious object that's attractive and at the same time simple and functional, combining tradition and innovation. A machine designed to enjoy a small daily indulgence, having an espresso, which is not only a quick leisure break, but a small authentic luxury. The name, Theresia, is a tribute to the creator of the brand, Pier Teresio Arduino, a man of great talent and sensitivity. In 1905 he founded the Victoria Arduino company in Turin, making an essential contribution to the rapid spread of espresso consumption and an affirmation of Italian style in the world.


Functionality and use

For its innovative features, Theresia is designed for coffee lovers and bars, restaurants and hotels, whose customers are attentive to details of the setting. It is also designed as an espresso machine for a home with glamorous and exclusive décor. The machine’s high level of modern technology means it can be used by non-expert baristas. The intuitive touch screen control panel and five buttons with LED lighting, mean that programming functions is extremely intuitive, so the machine can be used by anyone. Moreover Theresia has been designed to enjoy a small daily indulgence, having an espresso, which is not only a quick leisure break, but a small authentic luxury.
The upper part of the machine has a cup warmer that is not immediately visible but which can be seen by lifting the cover panel by up to 90 degrees.


Materials and Processes

The machine is completely made of stainless steel (Supermirror stainless steel for the body, stainless steel for the frame, the nozzles and the thermally insulated heating systems). Steel processing is carried out entirely by hand. After cutting the steel with a laser, experienced craftsmen work it by hand for a total of 110 different folds. Then the steel is welded and assembled to form a single body.

T3 technology

Theresia incorporates T3 technology, which has evolved from experience at the World Barista Championship. The T3 system sets new standards of accuracy in thermal water supply. The machine’s user can set, with maximum flexibility, the outlet temperature of the group through three different parameters (water, group, steam). The electronics of the machine do the rest. Digital temperature probes instantly send the information to the control unit which, through three independent PID, actively manages each variable.

The result is unmatched accuracy, regardless of the pace of work or the environmental conditions in which the machine operates. Water supply temperature can be monitored on the display in real time.


Other technical features

Cool Touch steam nozzle. The steam nozzle has the patented Cool Touch which, in addition to ensuring greater security against annoying scalding, ensures easy cleaning and reduces the formation of milk scale.

SIS system. Theresia incorporates the SIS system that guarantees a soft infusion to create higher quality creamy extractions.

Smart functions. With Theresia other useful electronic functions are made possible with a control unit which allows multiple independent adjustments including the temperatures of the group and of the coffee and steam boilers, the extraction dose quantity (single or double coffee, continuous supply, steam or hot water), the pre-infusion time for coffee extraction, the hot water temperature mixer and power consumption through management of the machine components’ heating. From the display you can set "alert" times for maintenance, filter replacement and cleaning. You can also schedule shutdown on certain days.

Ergonomic Teflon filter holder. Theresia is equipped with a special filter holder with an ergonomic handle and a non-stick coating that provides better cleaning and so preserves the aroma of coffee in the cup.

현재 환율 적용 한화 700~800만원 선의 가격대를 갖추고 있는 고가형 1그룹 에스프레소 머신입니다. 기본적으로 누오바 시모넬리의 T3 기술(그룹헤드 PID 제어, 추출 / 스팀 보일러 PID 제어)을 갖추고 있지만, 가정용 플랫폼을 위해 조금씩 가정용에 특화된 그룹헤드 사이즈 및 내부 구조를 갖추고 있습니다. 대부분 내부 파츠는 단열처리가 되어 있어 열손실을 줄이며, 보다 높은 열효율성을 추구합니다. 스팀 보일러 용량이 머신 포지셔닝에 비해 조금 작아보이는 감이 있어 실제 스티밍 성능이 궁금하기도 합니다.(커피 보일러 : 0.7 L 스팀 보일러 : 1.1 L ) 시모넬리 고유의 SIS 시스템(gicleur+infusion chamber)을 갖추고 있으며, 별도로 프리인퓨전 타임을 세팅할 수 있다는 언급도 있는데, 내부 구조상 직수압을 바이패스 시키는 방법이 아닐까 조심스레 추측만 해봅니다. 

머신의 디자인은 고전적이면서도 사이버틱한 느낌을 동시에 추구하는 묘한 스타일이기도 하며, 가정용으로서는 꽤나 큰 사이즈를 가지고 있습니다. 컵 워머 케이스를 제거하면 컵 트레이가 노출이 되며 상단 커버 제거를 통해 본 내부 모습은 꽤나 훌륭한 만듦새를 보여줍니다. 국내 출시 여부가 궁금해지기도 하면서, 가정용 최상급기종으로서 어떠한 평가를 받을지가 미리 기대되는 머신입니다.




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