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Focused on providing high-quality coffee beans of Ninety Plus Although the company set time is not too long, but in the fine coffee sector has strong reputation, as well as considerable industry influence, from 2008 onwards every year, many large and small coffee contestants opted Ninety Plus the beans get success in the Coffee Review website also received 94 points to 97 points in the high evaluation of information about this company on the network with prominent achievements have been checked, however, since the name as "sharing" is not only a cup of coffee, but also to share with you some information about Ninety Plus behind the story.

Football, lion, coffee

To truly understand the Ninety Plus this company, we must first understand its founder Joseph Brodsky Joseph Brodsky ‧, what kind of person he is? What did matter? Ninety Plus Why create such a special one company? In the past on the Internet is difficult to find these information by sharing this Fika Fika NPGE, we share with you some "About Ninety Plus, you can not Google things" (Note 1).


Little-known, Ninety Plus soul of Joseph's first volunteer actually play football! He was 15-21 years old are playing football while they studied the days spent his early years he dreamed of becoming a great football player, you can go abroad on behalf of the national team game, which came to Joseph discovered he was born to play football may not be the most good things, and left the football team.Lower left corner of the photo is a young football crazy during Joseph.


Joseph at school is wildlife biology, and they left after he started a football team to Africa to chase lions day. Here we have not got the young Joseph and the lion's photos, so they have to be first with a foot massage very cool lion photos do schematic. Inside this young years, Joseph carry football, chase lions in Africa, he later discovered football future contacts coffee coffee has a similar place, is "a bridge link with people." With football, he can quickly build a relationship with the indigenous African people will be very happy to come around, come together, he later discovered to "coffee" also has the same effect.

Joseph ends after graduating from college days chasing lions, go to Madrid, Spain for two years, this time in Spain, he was the one hand, Spanish literature very well and on the other English teachers earn a living. It is worth mentioning that learning Spanish origin coffee for Joseph ran after work a great help!


Joseph's father, Herb Brodsky (photo right elderly), and his brother Jake Brodsky (photo left, the left one is Joseph Brodsky) in Denver, Colorado called Novo Coffee operate a small coffee company, his father and brother had been want him to join the family business, Joseph discovered after the coffee industry in understanding as coffee beans if the procurement function, you can often travel around the world, which for Joseph favorite travel very attractive, so after the failure of a particular job, decided in 1999 to join the family business, writing a business plan to help Novo Coffee book, and Ethiopia in the company's purchasing volume increased year by year, when, in 2005, had the first chance to go to Ethiopia coffee origin for the company to find good coffee, tour origin trip changed his future.

Ethiopia Coffee Exploration and Golden Box


Coffee Tour

2005 Joseph went to Ethiopia, coffee looking at this tour trip he saw the origin of how it works, it was found that he carefully selected coffee beans sourced sample tends to be significantly different beans shipped back to the United States. "I believe this is not a deliberate deception, but not detailed enough because the origin of the work's sake," Joseph said so. In order to buy better quality coffee beans, he found Coffee Basic, author Kevin Knox to ask for, and returned to Ethiopia to explore the reasons for the quality gap. Joseph discovered in Ethiopia coffee beans supply chain has quality fault phenomena, traders do not know how to deal with green beans, treatment plant did not know how planting beans, coffee farmers do not know their kind of coffee beans will be how to deal with and sell, the whole chain is concerned about the quality of coffee beans into a one-off, Rouchang inch off state.

Joseph has done a great contribution to the local government to do, he was involved in local government from 1970 to commence varieties of coffee research project under the field in person over two thousand kinds of wild coffee from local varieties to pick out the flavor, quality distinctive varieties and the breeding and improvement of the local agricultural donated directly involved in improving the work of Ethiopia coffee varieties. Joseph then find the best coffee varieties are only numbers, no names, numbers of these species have appeared in the early Ninety Plus beans on product labeling.

Founded Ninety Plus

Ethiopia found the quality of the supply chain after faults, Joseph resolutely decided to go to Ethiopia in the third, when all hands Novo Coffee sell holdings, and in Ethiopia in his mind to find the best local one of the partners: Abdullah Bagersh ‧ Bage Xi Mr. Abdullah. Mr. Bage Xi Ethiopia coffee sector's most famous Bage Xi family descendant, the family has a number of high-quality coffee processing plant, and is a visionary, a macro-perspective, and personal integrity. Together with Mr Joseph Bage Xi, tried more than two hundred kinds of coffee beans, and the most delicate, green beans from agricultural land to deal with quality control methods, and finally in 2007 launched the first products Ninety Plus Aricha and Beloya ! Both flavor brilliant, high-quality coffee beans selling price in 2008 was an instant sensation, Ninety Plus emerged as the world-renowned brands exquisite coffee beans.

Golden Box

2008, Ninety Plus fledgling career when Joseph suffered a stake career survival difficulties, codenamed Golden Box things narrowly saved Ninety Plus company, even with the later Nekisee asked the city about. This story of Joseph never on the outside disclose published in here first secrecy, please look forward to the famous writer Miss Tan Yuxin forthcoming book, in this book, Miss Tan depth interviews with thirty bit Coffee staff person, including Joseph Brodsky's first degree in interviews many outsiders do not know spit leak secrets behind the exciting, let us look forward to!

NPGE origin


September 2009, Joseph for the first time to buy a coffee moving from agricultural land to grow their own coffee idea. Because Farm to Cup (from farm to cup) one-stop production system processes has been the Holy Grail of Joseph, you can start planting coffee quality from Origin to make the most rigorous and meticulous control, will be able to achieve the highest standards of his mind. So by the end of 2009, Joseph Panamanian coffee to his friend Hartmann Hartmann manor raised his conception of the family, expressed the hope that in the purchase of a coffee farm in Panama, an area of ​​need for large, small farmers as long as five acres land, sufficient to produce the highest standards of Gesha varieties of coffee can be.

Life is always full of challenges and opportunities, and this time the opportunity to knock on the door to Joseph! Hartman family has long heard that someone has a mysterious coffee estate, covering the majority of environmental advantages, but never used officially sold coffee beans produced, local coffee industry knows that there is such a mysterious coffee estate, but did not people know more information at this time, suddenly heard the news this coffee estate to sell! It turned out that the owner of a coffee estate in Panama is a well-known bank executives, bankers suddenly for some reason decided to sell this piece of precious coffee estates, more surprising is that piece of land above the gall coffee farmers planted precious Gesha coffee tree species, but the lord of the manor who intend to sell the land because, this piece Gesha Most coffee trees cut down, cut off after the discovery of the original species now Gesha popular, he cut down a large baby eyes of others.

Joseph immediately flew to Panama, with bankers negotiate the purchase of this piece of covering up to three hundred acres, including 35 ha primeval forest and one kilometer length of the river coffee manor! The good news is the banker's coffee farms offer very cheap, the bad news is that there are a lot of people want to buy, but this time Joseph did not have much money on hand, is difficult to come up with the money to buy immediately. Through a series of sincere communication, Joseph let bankers know Ninety Plus doing what he promised this piece of farm will be the world's top coffee farms, one will produce the most leading and most exquisite high quality Gesha coffee beans. Joseph ideas and sincerity touched banker, agreed to help him apply for low-interest concessional loans to assist Joseph in the case of insufficient funds to undertake this beautiful Panama Gesha coffee farmlands.

Bought this piece of natural beauty of the coffee hacienda, Joseph first began virgin forest restoration work, preserving the original microclimate biosphere, and immediately commence Gesha replanting saplings. In NPGE (Ninety Plus Gesha Estate) all planted coffee seedlings are from Ethiopia Gesha Mountain native species Gesha species, planting 2,000 seedlings per hectare estimated four to five years after the first harvest seedlings can be expanded!

Ninety Plus Company uses organic fertilizer, Joseph quite proud of this kind of out of the coffee full of leaf green, full of vitality, we must be able to bear fruit delicious coffee.

In this photograph you can see NPGE beautiful estate landscape, with towering trees surrounded by towering forests, has a rich natural environment. Ninety Plus provides local Gnobe Nobel Indian people work environment, covered hut to Gnobe Serbs live, so that they can live and work on the farm! Photo on the left of older women is Joseph's mother. Ninety Plus and its own coffee farmers in this park was built in what they called Solar Kiln, SK Laboratories, initially only a SK laboratory, has been build in 2013 to three, now SK Series exquisite coffee production is also promoted to times before.

NPGE since 2011 began production of high-quality Gesha coffee beans, has about two and a half hours. We can look forward to the future growth of coffee seedlings, the increase in production after the coffee sector is expected to provide higher quality global refined and more cost-priced Panama Gesha coffee beans.

Interpretation of Ninety Plus exclusive password


As a special meticulous process, Ninety Plus to develop their own set of exclusive coding system.

First, the treatment code

Currently Ninety Plus there are four treatment methods: W2, H2, N2, SK represent "washing process", "honey processing", "sun treatment", "laboratory processing."

W, H, N behind the "2" represents this is different from the traditional coffee processing technology, is carefully controlled and fine-tuning by ambient humidity, water immersion time, fermentation time, the moisture content of the "second generation" of the new processing technology, as it may not have W3, H3, N3 it? When Joseph was asked this question, usually XiaoErBuDa, you say?

Second, the class code

Ninety Plus has an exclusive "spectral measure table", according to each one coffee bean products' degree of detail "and" production ", applied to the spectrum measured on the table, you can get a set of numbers, as the exclusive crown Level class code. Special attention is required not lower the number, class code represents the level of "worse" simply means that the degree of detail level, as well as on production and digital products have a large degree of difference.

Current common Ninety Plus class code include: Level 4, Level 5, Level 7, Level 12, Level 21, Level 39, Level 95. Products this year, the number is less than L12 are Ethiopia coffee beans, L21 These are private estate Panama Gesha level, for example, a water washing treatment L21 Lycello (W2) level, L39 is processed honey sun NPGE treatment and beans, including Juliette (H2), Rotéus (H2), and Perci (N2). L95 is a laboratory grade coffee beans, for example NPGE SK series, and this year's new products Nekisee RUBY Ethiopia rubies, are Level 95 very small amount of very fine beans.

Third, the area code

Because NPGE sprawling, three hundred acres in the area of ​​original forest area being deducted, total is divided into 36 regions, each region each have different micro-climate and climate environment, Ninety Plus will harvest each region Coffee beans independently processed to show the personality of the region-specific flavor. 36 area code is E1 ~ E36, worth noting that not all regions have produced a variety of treatment system, Ninety Plus planting depending on the flavor characteristics of different districts to decide certain regions tend to use some kind of treatment, or non- using some kind of treatment, in order to achieve the best results!

NPGE beans naming allusions


Ninety Plus Coffee beans each a story behind each name, where to begin with the beans to share NPGE manor Gesha named allusions.

LYCELLO: The word "lychee" Litchi and "cello" Cello complex. Since 2011 the first batch of NPGE freshly picked coffee beans, then just have TBC champion from Taiwan, Mr. Kan Ka first visit NPGE manor, Mr. Kan in taste when consistent with their peers think NPGE Friendex washing process inside drinking coffee rise to a fragrance lychee aroma, because litchi fruit belongs to the East, the Western world is difficult to have the opportunity to taste fresh lychee, Joseph and Ninety Plus team member Steve Holt hear views, they hope to "litchi" put this element Among the names into the washed beans.Responsible for the design name of Mr. Steve just like the name when listening to Yo-Yo Ma's cello music, cello belong tenor Steve eyes, suited to represent this washed coffee beans, then finally the Lychee (Litchi) and Cello (Cello) combined into a homemade word "LYCELLO" this elegant name so was born!

JULIETTE: Because every time the beans go honey processing area, they all must pass a trail, this trail on both sides covered with white, elongated shape Datura flowers, so that people come every time when you will smell the honey processing zone to Datura flower unique aroma, so let Ninety Plus Steve thought to be responsible for naming naming direction as Datura flowers. Mandala For the purposes of local Gnobe Indian tribe has a special significance, not crying at night when the kids obediently sleep, Gnobe datura flowers tribe people will take off, the pressure in children under the pillow, the children will sleep peacefully at night, Gnobe tribe called Datura flower is "twilight woman" because the later the scent more datura flowers flying the rules. "Twilight Woman" as the name of the beans do not seem to fit, Steve trying to come apart, think of Shakespeare's tragic heroine among Juliet to drink the poison, so decided to Juliet (Juliette) as Datura Code, As the name NPGE honey beans processed.

Perci: from the English "Perspective" from the word retrieval. Because when Joseph began to Panama Gesha sun coffee production process, I found a whole new horizons opened! New vision, a new vision, a new look, is this sun coffee beans origin of the name.



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